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Michel Ekono, Henri Essome, JGS Bwemba, Pierre Marie Tebeu, Etienne Belinga, Adolphe Felix Elong, Emile Mboudou

Published On : February 19, 2019

Manafa, P.O., Nwankwo, N.B., Ekuma-Okereke, O., Chukwuma, G.O., Ibe N.C., Okocha, E.C., Chukwuanukwu, R.C., Nwene, K.E., Ebugosi, R.S., Manafa, V.I.

Published On : February 16, 2019

Sneha Das, Neeru Vasudeva, Sunil Sharma

Published On : February 11, 2019

Shruti Gupta, Kishori G Apte

Published On : Accepted on March 19, 2019

Friday E. Okwaraji, Callista U. Nduanya, Kenechukwu I. Obiechina, Godwin C. Onyebueke and Augustine N. Okorie

Published On : Accepted on February 25, 2019

Gupta Avneet, Singh Manish Pal, Sisodia S. Siddhraj

Published On : Accepted on February 15, 2019

Nilay D. Solanki, Shilesh K. Bhavsar, Dharmang T. Pandya

Published On : Accepted of February 13, 2019


This was our first manuscript submitted and published in The Journal of Medical Research: Polynuclear Neutrophil Variation and Oxidative Stress in Type 2 Diabetics. The review comments were absolute to the point and really helped us to improve the article. They accepted the manuscript and were promptly processed for publication.

Dr. Arsène Kabamba Tshikongo

My publishing experience in The Journal of Phytopharmacology is really positive. This is an open access journal with a very wide audience. The process of the submission was very good and the review process was very swift. More importantly, the feedback from the reviewers was absolutely fair, constructive, and really helped us.

Dr. Krishna Satya A

This has been our first article which was published in The Journal of Medical Research and it has been a real pleasure to publish the research article here. The article review process was swift, proficient, and efficient. The recommendations of the reviewers were to the point and constructive.

Dr. Ngo Sack Françoise

We were invited to submit an article on The Journal of Phytopharmacology and so, I decided to write a review on it. The review process was very fast and the feedback from the reviewers was very encouraging and constructive. The editors are very friendly, proficient, and supportive and the interactions with them were very fruitful. I am absolutely certain that we will submit our work on this journal in the near future again.

Dr. Ajeet Singh

This is the first time we published an article with International Journal of Dentistry Research and it is a delight to publish the research article here. The article review went on at a very good, proficient, and well-organized manner. The reviewers’ suggestions were spot on and constructive and, really helped us a lot in improving our work.

Dr. Aisha Wali